Medical Cytogenetics

Facilities of blood chromosomal analysis are available at Pride Lab.


Medical cytogenetics is the study of chromosome and related disease states caused by abnormal chromosome number and or structure. Changes in number or structure of chromosomes are major causes of mental retardation, multiple malformations, infertility and spontaneous abortions.




Cytogenetics department in “Pride Laboratory” aims to provide fully comprehensive blood chromosome analysis services to identify constitutional abnormalities (abnormalities which have been present since birth).


This service can be used for patients:


  • Suspected Down syndrome or other dysmorphic features
  • Multiple congenital abnormalities
  • Learning difficulties & unexplained mental retardation
  • Physical and mental developmental delay
  • Disorders of sex development
  • Male or female infertility
  • Couples who suffer recurrent (i.e. 3 or more) miscarriages
  • Chromosome disorder running in the family e.g. an inherited trans-location